Prohibited Products

Are your products suitable to be sold in buy4imapct?
As a user in buy4imapct You must pay attention to that when you sell or buy a product this procedure must be done in a legal context.
When you enlist a product, it is classified under the following main menus:
•    Prohibited Products
•    Products to be cautious about.
•    Products that may cause a legal breach.
They must be checked and evaluated properly well.
Prohibited materials:
•    Airbags and their equipment
•    Products that need permission to buy and sell
•    Alcoholic beverages
•    Firearms and knives
•    Live animals
•    Military equipment
•    Stolen money and products the serial numbers of which are removed
•    Eavesdropping devices
•    Stocks, bonds and shares
•    Human organ trafficking
•    Banned or contraband products
•    Counterfeit and fake products
•    Cultural , natural materials ( archaeology and the like)
•    Machinery and materials to open locks
•    Promotional materials
•    Pornography
•    Radar receivers
•    Drugs that require prescriptions , lens ,  and Products containing guidelines Information
•    Uniforms
•    Dangerous actions
•    Counterfeit products
•    Cards of chance games
•    Telecommunications and wireless devices
•    E - mail lists
•    Television Decrypt sets  and encryption equipment
•    Tobacco products and the Electronic cigarette
•    Narcotic substances and promoting materials
•    Products in violation of specifications
•    Incendiary and explosive materials.
•    Publications saved.
•    Medical and veterinary substances
•    Electronic ski Panel.

  Products that may cause legal breaching:
•    Contracts
•    Products that have a copyright.
•    Face Photos, names and signatures.
•    Games (licensed games, no more than 5 years of production)
•    Products that have a registered brand.
•    Products that come from the outside through outer freighting.
  Products to be cautious about:
•    Activities tickets.
•    Second-hand clothing.
•    Second-hand Cosmetic products.
•    Second-hand Medical devices.
•    Foods.
The report:
When you buy a product carrying material specifications mentioned above in the product pages in the report link - you  should directly inform  buy4imapct  and consequently they will be adequately checked and examined by the competent units .  
  Drinks containing alcohol:
Selling alcoholic beverages like vodka, beer, arrack , champagne and all other kinds of beverages containing alcohol are banned in  buy4imapct and promote for them either.
Names  of companies having to do with the alcoholic beverage sector, including trademarks, logos related to the products and / or sale, or that availing any product for them are banned to promote in buy4imapct

Firearms and knives:
It is banned to sell firearms, air- pressure weapons that fling rubber or real bullets, Fishing Hardware, safari and other traditional and non – traditional, and all firearms related to that. Besides, it is banned to sell tear gas and electro - shock weapons, and  banned weapons.
Moreover, military munitions (bullets, hand bombs, Molotov, and land and sea mines) and all other  defense and attack firearms either.
Only the sale of pistols , which emit colors, fireworks and water pistols are allowed.
The buy4imapct   Prohibiting the sale of all types of combat and folding  knives of any size and dimensions.
Buy4impact also bans the sale of brocaded scabbard pointed  crutches  and, spears, daggers, knobs,  whip handle , and the throttle wire or chain, and  it prohibits the sales of corrugated knives with brass knuckles.
Nevertheless, it  allows the sale of weapons and firearms manufactured before / 50 /years  such as daggers, spears and sheath and the like.
It also allows the sale of knives that are  used in the kitchen as the tools for food preparation,  including those for  cutting / chopping meat, fish, chicken, bread, cheese and vegetables.
It allows the sales and swords used in the sport of fencing.

Military equipment:
Buy4imapct  prohibits  the sale of all weapons of war that are used for military purposes, as well as all weapons being used or having been used in the Turkish Republic by the armed forces .
It is allowed to sell military supplies that are more than 50 - year - old do not fall within the scope of firearms.
Live animals:
It is prohibited in buy4imapct to sell live animals , including domestic animals and it allows the sale of ornamental fish that live in fresh or sea water and algae, as well as coral reefs that live in fish basins .
Stocks, bonds, instruments and Remittances:
Companies and institutions that deal in the stock exchange, and exercise transmission and instruments activities  cannot  introduce of  its shares and instruments and perform transfers via buy4imapct.
It is possible to classify and sale  old papers , such as old invalid stocks, bonds, instruments and transfers that carry the heritage or memorial nature.

Human Organs trafficking :
It is prohibited in buy4imapct the sale of humans or human organs or body parts . ( such as: the blood, bone, sperm).
It is allowable to sale  hair (including wigs and hair extensions inclusively) and / or sale of the skull and skeleton for use in health institutions.

Copied and undocumented Products:
Products having the formats:  Divx, MP3, AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMP  that have a copyright are banned to be copied and sold without permission whereas the products that are sold as DVD And VCD  must be registered as originals . The CDs of foreign music  sold via the Internet must be registered as originals as well.
Moreover, in the light of  law of the art and intellectual works  it is a must to obtain a label of license from the Turkish ministry of Culture and Tourism to fix on the products such as VCD, CD and DVD before coping and trading in them commercially including the product disseminated on a large scale  such as the computer games film and musical works, and that the time-indefinite publications and the distribution and sale of products or  exposing them to bring  others to take advantage of them without a label license ,  legal actions will be assumed against the doer. Thus, the materials loaded on the DVD, VCD, CD or cassette not bearing  the  label-license given by the ministry are prohibited to sale and so are the time-indefinite publications or similar products.
Public statement about copyright:
Cultural and Natural Heritage Act:
According to the context  of Cultural and Natural Heritage Law  under No.2863; the "papers, things, books, writings and similar objects that have historical value and have importance in the national history, and in the national struggle and the foundation of the Republic, and personal things of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk , " are considered some of the Cultural and Natural Heritage, which must be protected and transferred to future generations.
In the  beginning, it is inevitable but confirm the above - mentioned  are some of the movable heritage  that must be protected under the Cultural and Natural Heritage and classified, registered and transferred to museums. The materials that are not regarded as such after the classification and registration will be returned to its owner after  giving him a certificate about that so he who does not have classification, registration and certificate cannot sell such materials via buy4imapct.
In addition, in accordance with medals and badges  law  No 2933, the Medals of Honor awarded by the state, and the Order of pride, medals of senior services to the state, war medals, state medals and medals of Merit are banned to be sold in buy4imapct.
Promotional Products:
Products that  are printed by companies and institutions on their behalves for their products and that are distributed free of charge as gifts for promotion are prohibited to sell in buy4imapct.

Substances  for adults with pornographic content:
Materials that described  as including the pornographic content  in buy4imapct:
1.    Materials related to sexuality and genital organs.
2.    Materials relating to activities, referred to as ( be acquired and / or viewed by those over 18 years old).
3.    Visual material that define sexual activities related to human beings.

Products described in pornographic hardware in  buy4imapct:
1.    label license movies authorized by the Ministry of Culture in the form of VCD, DVD .
2.    Materials on sex and found in a book , catalog or publication constituting a small part or a section of them (but not cover it wholly).
3.    Art works  and a collection of the visual materials used (such as paintings, sculptures, figurines, postcards, magazines, etc.).

Radar receivers :
It is banned to sell  all types of radar receivers t that tune with the police radar or that reveal effective and ineffective radars.

Prescribed drugs, lenses and products that contain information about the indications .
The drugs that are only dispensed under prescription are banned to be sold in buy4imapct, and  so are the glasses dispensed under prescription (except the old glasses that carry the heritage nature), and hearing aids and materials that go into drugs that are dispensed under without prescription.
In addition, it prohibits the sale of medicines for domestic animals that are only dispensed under prescription.
Under the 5193 law  regarding  the glasses profession, the sale of eyeglass lenses of certain numbers, glasses and processing of glasses, and the validity of the sale of all types of lenses  are confined in the optician and selling them is limited to those who have a license from the higher Health institution under the name of glasses Institutions, and for this reason,buy4imapct prohibits the sale of all types of lenses and contact lenses and the No-lens of the glasses and the glasses.
It  prohibits  also advertisement and publicity for the products that fool consumers, carry information that can damage public health or they pretend to prevent and ward off medical conditions or help in the treatment or cure of the disease or a statement that they carry about the medication.

It is banned and prohibited in the buy4imapct all kinds of uniforms, clothing and  accessories special for police and officers, pilots, soldiers and employees of airlines and the like , or allocated to the owners of ranks or staff uniforms.
Counterfeit products or replica
What are the products that are evaluated as replica or counterfeit ??
Products that are not produced by the original producer or  that produced without his permission. the fakes or replica cannot be classified in buy4imapct.
Example: Chanel trademark glasses if  they are produced outside the company of  buy4imapct  or  if they are produced without the permission of of buy4impact, they are considered as a fake or replica.

Cards / Vouchers  of Games of Chance
Cards and Vouchers of chance games the results of which appear later on such as lotteries, betting or Rub & Win (loto, spor toto, kazı-kazan, piyango ) and the like are banned to be sold via buy4imapct but the valid card and the vouchers of games of chance and the and the lottery card can be sold.

Telecommunications and wireless devices:
It is banned to sell all communication devices in buy4imapct without an approval of the Telecommunications Corporation.
Television receivers and decryption sets:
It is banned and prohibited to sell all cards of the display, the programs and equipments that decrypt the codes of the institutions that broadcast in encrypted form .
The snapshots, taken by means of  devices of decryptions, belonging to  DIGITURK  in the form of CD and DVD for matches or movies are banned to sell.
In case of the occurrence of a breach in this article, the violator trying to sell such products will be subject to legal actions taken against him.

Tobacco products and electronic cigarettes:
It is banned to sell cigarettes , cigars, and similar products and all kinds of tobacco and tobacco products , electronic cigarettes that contain nicotine, and cartridges  of electronic cigarettes in buy4imapct.
The buy4imapct Prohibits the sale of all types of products that contain the names of companies that deal in the cigarette sector, as well as their logo and trademarks and / or products that they provide either.

it is allowable to sell the materials pertaining to the pipe, and the pipe (except pipe tobacco) in buy4imapct .

Categories that do not contain the product features:
In buy4imapct it is a must that all the classified products contain the feature of the product whereas those that do not have the feature of the product  are not included in the framework of the service or goods,  thus a product that does not have a description of the goods or service is bocked and so all contents outside the framework of identifying the product. In  addition, the classified products are  must contain the their description, framework, number and everything that the buyer should know.

Activities Tickets:
According to the obligations of the law “5149 “, (sports competitions Act and the prevention of violence and chaos). The sale of all types of tickets of  sports competitions is banned in buy4imapct. But in the context of some of the rules it would be possible to sell, musical theater, film festivals and concerts cards.
1.    The seller must put the price of the card in a clear manner for the buyer.
2.    The seller cannot put a higher price than what is present in the card (Buy immediately) at buy4imapct , If the price were higher, the buy4imapct  would consider  that sale as in the black market and it will stop the process directly.
3.    The seller must write  the place, date and hour of the activity clearly and also when the card will be sent clearly and explicitly.

Food stuff:
The dry, canned and frozen food can be sold in buy4imapct , but sellers, in the product statement, must mention the of the freight and the validity date.
The classification of canned products, not pasteurized, foods , drinks, juices and carbonated water of unknown contents, (the expiration date  is not clear or date of use is not imprinted on them or coated with materials harmful to human health, and those carrying fake medication prescription) is banned and prohibited.
According to the law No. 5262 "Organic Agriculture Act" , it is banned to sell  products classified as organic products while in fact they are non - organic and non – documented with testimony. The products classified in the pages of organic products must contain information of the authentication certificate.

Incendiary and explosive materials:
Depending on the regulation number 87/12028 dated 14/08/1987 relating to explosive materials beyond the limit and monopoly; and the foundations and the principles of the import, transport, storage, conservation and sale, use, damage  and control  Fishing materials and similar products, it is allowed to sell fireworks for festivals ,and explosive materials that are used as entertainment with net weight not exceeding 5 kgs.

My sale in buy4imapct Why was  it terminated and stopped quickly?
The product for sale, and how to classify are evident in the classification conditions department. The products incompatible with the conditions of  buy4imapct. In this case, buy4imapct inform the seller via e - mail after the product is classified and stop selling it .
If your product was stopped and no more sale of it in buy4imapct , that indicates that your product:
1.    Violates  the law.
2.    It falls within the context of the banned products.
3.    Overpass the copyright or the register of the brand to a third person or  another legal violation.
4.    Your classification is not compatible with the rules and conditions of classification  in buy4imapct .

General statement of copyright:
In our country there is what is known as copyright in science, literature, music , fine arts , film business. They are protected  by the law of art and intellectual works .
In the law of art and intellectual works  in addition to the right of the employer, the rights of stakeholders with work and whoever having a role for the purpose of presenting the work of art o the public are also protected under the law. According to the law of the stakeholders are:
1.    Executive Artists
2.    producers of CDs and audio recordings
3.    TV-Radio  broadcasters
4.    filmmakers.
In - law business owners were granted moral and financial rights.
Moral rights include:
the right of the display to the public, the right to display the name, the right to prevent change and adjustment in the artwork.

Financial rights include: copying, publishing, representation and reference, the right presentation to the public through audio and visual media.

Stakeholders’ rights are:
A.    Executive Artists have the following rights:
In a work of art, the in-cadre performers, under the approval of the work owner,  and after confirming and registering this performance , he has the right of copying, selling, leasing and lending, referring and share it with the public through video audio media and he has the exclusive right to give permission or prevent its extradition and re - broadcast.
B.    Producers of CDs and audio recordings have the following rights:
In the work of  performance or  in the rest of the audio works and after getting the approval of the work owner , the employer or the producers of audio recording for the first time have the right of reproduction, directly or indirectly, distribution, sale, lease and lend it to the public and the reference and share it with the public through audio video media and re - broadcast, and if it still is not displayed for sale at home and it was confirmed not to publish in other ways he can do that by selling the originals or the copies or in other ways, and to sell or publish and present it to the public by wired and wireless media, or in other ways or share it  to the public by choosing  the place and time by real people in brief they have the right to give permission or prevention.
C.    Radio and television rights are:
Radio and television corporations have the right to regulate broadcasting, broadcasting with other TVs simultaneously and belatedly, retransmission, distribution via satellite and Cable, except for private use, broadcasting by any technical way, copying and distribution, directly or indirectly, for the delivery of  the broadcast to the public in open districts, after availing the broadcast, they will secure delivery of broadcast by real people in the time and place of their choice to deliver it to the public, broadcast signals that are managed by satellite or by other broadcasters or cable operator Or by a third person to deliver it to the to the public by decryption , so that these corporation have the right to authorize or prohibit it.
D.    Filmmakers have the following rights:
Filmmakers who do the initial confirmation of the permission of the employer or the executive artists have the right of reproduction, directly or indirectly, distribution, sale, lease and lend it to the public and the reference and share it with the public through audio video media and re - broadcast, and if it still is not displayed for sale at home and it was confirmed not to publish in other ways he can do that by selling the originals or the copies or in other ways, and to sell or publish and present it to the public by wired and wireless media, or in other ways or share it  to the public by choosing  the place and time by real people in brief they have the right to give permission or prevention.
Legal sanctions:
In the event of the violation of the rights of works and  related rights protected in the context of the law of art and intellectual works , things have to be considered as the result of the legal and penal overtaking to sanctions and briefly:
Penal provisions:
In the event of breaching the rights set forth in the  law of art and intellectual works  and the existence of strong evidence on such breaching, under the articles 71, 72, 73 and 80, the violators of the rights of business owners and the rights of stakeholders are exposed to the penalty of detention ranging  between two and four years or a large fine ranging  from 50,000 -150 000 Turkish Liras or depending on the resulted amount of damage the violator could be a subject to the both penalties  together.
Legal provisions:
The law of   Art and intellectual work in addition to the large criminal clues, for the compensation for right owner, who experienced the harm, special provisions were brought. In light of this, the right holders can obtain precautionary measures from the courts to prevent it, and to seek compensation from the violators  amounting to three folds of  the damage caused.
As is briefly shown above , the potential breach constitutes a crime against all types of businesses of audio recordings and the rights of the institutions of radio and television broadcasting.
Therefore , it is banned and prohibited copying and distributing, selling and leasing or sharing via the Internet or selling them in different ways , such as the transfer of CD, and DVD without permission of their owner or owners in concern in various formats such as DivX, MP3, AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMP.

Products from abroad via freighting :
It is banned to sell products from abroad via freighting and deliver them directly to the buyer.
Veterinary products:
Selling veterinary products via buy4imapct is banned
E - skis:
It is banned to sell  E - skates brands : TechWheel , Air Runner, RioRand , Moonwalker Airwalk at Buy4impact .