About Us

who are we:

Welcome to theBuy 4 impact platform, happy to enter our website or download our application, we will take you on a guided tour of the idea of ​​this project and its sections.

TheBuy 4 impact platform was inspired by the reality of the refugees. Many of them have the craft and talent and do not have the tools to market their work. We offer refugees the opportunity to view and sell their products online through our website and mobile applications. We market them around the world and deliver them to the buyer at his place of residence .

How does the Buy 4 impact platform work?

Buy 4 impact relies on refugee products to market and sell on its website and mobile applications platform.

1- The product fills the application form to join our platform and knows about the quality of products it can sell.

2 - Our team will study the request and communicate with the product in the case of approval of the request.

3 - Products are listed on the platform (website and mobile application) by the data entry.

4. Products on the home page are displayed for a specified period of time and in appropriate classifications permanently on the platform.

5. When a product is requested by the buyer, the product is contacted and the shipment process is followed up.

6. The value of the product sold is added to the product balance.

7. The payment of the dues of producers shall take place at the beginning of each month.


Conditions of joining the producer team:

1. Be a refugee in Turkey or a war-affected person

2. Have good quality products.

3. To comply with the terms of use of the platform.